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haha I don’t generally get ‘is that you’ but i ALWAYS get, Who is that? And when im like IDK they look at me like how do you not know and i look at them like HOW DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT ITS NO ONE MY GOD. I also get stuff like, why is she doing that, or, that doesn’t make sense and IM LIKE I WILL BITE YOUR FACE IF YOU ASK AGAIN >_> I used to get told that, but I just say something like ‘when you can draw better than me, you can comment.’ If i didnt ask for your thoughts, don’t give them to me
oh yeah i totally know, like you’re just doodling a random person and people dont understand that
ye sometimes you just gotta give them snippy snappy answers >:))
I hate it when people see you draw they ask you “Can you draw me?” You say sure, but then you start they say “That looks nothing like me.” like. WHY 
but one time i was drawing this guy who i hardly talked to in front of all his friends and it did look nothing like him but they were all very nice about it uwu
When people thinks that it’s okay to touch/disturb me while I’m drawing seriously. Like just leave me the fuck alone I’m concentrating.
yeah and if you dont pay attention they like rip the page out from under you >:I
I hate when im drawing and i didnt clothes on yet and some thundercunt has fuckin yell for the entire vicinity to hear “WHY ARE THEY NAKED?!!?” Like because its not fuckin done yet.
I doodle all the time and I have to like cover up my doodles at school because my friends are always like, “HAHA WHAT IS THAT?” :<

oh :c
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