The video game community is so toxic on YouTube that ethos videos are such a breath of fresh air. I'm hoping his "joke" is a one time slip up. :(

yes omg exactly, thats what i really liked about etho
hes such an angel all the time, even when hes playing with friends he doesnt revert back to highschool boy logic of “im gonna be offensive to make all my dudebros laugh” 

Whats the name of the terrible war movie that you watched? Im really tempted to see how bad it is

oh god im so sorry i have piqued your curiosity…. its called the thin red line

good luck i wish you well!!!!!

You know I wouldn't really say he's become problematic though. Some people say things as spur of the moment and it can be the wrong thing sometimes. He didn't seem to mean it literally and didn't even take it as a serious joke, seems more like he was just rambling imo and i doubt he'd really do it again? idk thats just my opinion

yeah i get what u mean! im not gonna hold it against him, but he was heavily editing his video and decided to leave it in so idk.. 
(also i dont think it matters if he meant it literally or not, its still not something you should be joking about, especially to such a large audience of people who tend to be younger)

hopefully he gets scolded enough by his fans to become more aware of what hes saying 8^)


if i ever stop reblogging this it’s because i’m dead and in my grave. 

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Yeah, I had a feeling that was what you were talking about, with Etho. Everyone in the comments were really amused by it and saying it was the best thing ever, but I found it kind of offensive and surprising for Etho to say, also. :(

i know, i was so taken aback when i saw people quoting that in his tag, i was like no way etho said something like that!!!! are u playing a joke!!! but then i watched the video

etho cmon man……

i need that gif of tyra yelling I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU

What happened with Etho

in his latest terrafirmacraft video (at 24:56) he said “upset. hit. your wife”

pretty disappointed in etho atm


this is my favourite vine ever and I will never get tired of it

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What would you say your style is, homi? I've been drawing for a long time and recently I'm kinda stuck in this style crisis////See, I really hate my art being referred to as "manga" or "anime". It makes me not like my art, because I want it to be original and nice and not have same face syndrome... Cries ;;;;;

man, honestly idek what to call my style. it is what it is
but i know what you mean, i get a little turned off when people refer to it as “anime” even tho there is nothing wrong with that, anime styles can be very expressive and unique as well as being very aesthetically pleasing. but yeah, a lot of people get into drawing because of anime, and as time goes on they try to branch out and i guess if you work hard to get away from something and someone just says hey i like your anime style, it is discouraging.

you can have an original style that doesnt suffer from sameface AND be anime-esque, its ok!!!!! hating on anime art styles is kinda silly, considering how wide and vast they can be
but also remember that some people will call semi-realism “anime”, lmao they’ll call anything and everything anime, if you dont like it being called that, then correct them, even if you dont know what kind of style it is

basically if thats not what you wanna go for in your art then work on it, if you still get people telling you its anime looking, take a step back and try to see what they mean by that, if you cannot see anything remotely anime looking about it, then i think u can safely assume they’re one of those people that i mentioned before 8^)

dam my aunt goes hard


Warning! New Anamanaguchi track approaching! And the sound is quite different from the band’s other releases, but I can’t hate on a new Guchi joint with vocals/vocaloids. For maximum effect, load the song here and smack some balloons around. idk.

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nice shirt

ykno when media portrays the “cool” girlfriend as just a guy but with boobs

like they love sports/video games, they’re aggressive, they wear boyish clothes like tshirts/jeans/sneakers (nothing super feminine), they tend to be very judgemental of other girls (making fun of them sometimes), they can “take a joke”, they’re overly vulgar, they usually degrade women to how they look and if they’re hot (and will vocalize it), and just generally be like idc that my bf looks at other women cuz I AM A COOL GF