i actually worship u wtf i h8 u

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Am so glad for you and Zack, i was scared something happened.. <<''


Do you have any tips on coloring lineart?

the only ways i kno is just locking the layer,

or making a layer above the lineart layer and clipping it

sorry if thats not what u meant!

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This is your life there’s no way to run from it
The doubt in your brain or the pain in your stomach
I only have but one complaint at the moment
Don’t paint me black when I used to be golden

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finished tutorial picture blah

finished tutorial picture blah

Enters softly hey I really like the way you color hair and I would like to know ur secret if you don't mind givin me a lil low down on what you do if you have time ily

here is the low down ..4 U


1. start with ur flats obv (im really off my game 2day) here are the settings i used for lineart

2. airbrush in lighter and darker colors

3. with a dark color add basic shadows, it honestly doesnt matter how messy you make em (any kind of brush works, i prefer hardbrushes tho)

4. (this is all on the same layer btw) with a marker brush just start doing, idk, this kinda shit, where you’re stroking down and then upward (its hard to explain sorry) this is the marker brush i used

5. with ur hardbrush, just add darker shadows

6. using your marker, smooth em out a lil, add shines, color your linework (you can stop at this step if the next couple ones arent your cup of tea)

7. now we’re painting over the whole drawing, so make a new layer and just paint over it as obnoxiously as you can, i mainly use a hardbrush and the marker, add the background color to the hair as well idk yolo

8. lower the opacity of this layer to like %60, whatever strikes your fancy

9. add an orange overlay layer and ur done, i hope this didnt suck

am i about to attempt to do a hair coloring tutorial? yes i am

Who is zack? Sorry I'm kinda new on your blog

he’s my boyfriend, also welcome! (❛ڡ❛ )

btw i think me n zack are ok now, for all those who were concerned


he  found them

homi stop shitting urself the full pic is so sugoi desu èné

 ty.. baka..

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lays dow n in my own tears ellen pls u need to stop being such a sugoisib i cant take it the dokis for ur art are too strong

mops ur tears w/ my hair ily rebbie dont eva change